“I brought Frank & Faber on board to help establish my first George Northwood salon. We worked in a truly collaborative way and their vision, expertise, and project management delivered some amazing end results. My salon still feels fresh, energetic, and relevant—a testament to Sarah's talents and the team's creative and practical skills, as well as being able to deliver a client's vision.” 

George Northwood

Your life. Your design.

Frank & Faber create spaces with a personal touch. We invest time in getting to know everyone we work with to build spaces that feel uniquely, unmistakably ‘you’.

We translate personal dreams and desires into thoughtful, sophisticated, and stylish environments. Our approach respects the heritage and identity of a property, whilst feeling like it was purpose-built for your vision.

Everyday luxury.

Whether we’re transforming a private member’s gym, a high-end salon or a family home, we always strive to make the ordinary extraordinary.

We use honest, natural materials in thoughtful ways to imbue everyday spaces with a sense of luxury. This way we’re able to create inspired interiors that look spectacular, without neglecting function and practicality.

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“In 2014, when I found my premises on Wells Street where I would establish the George Northwood salon, I brought Sarah on board. The end results were amazing…  five years later, my Salon still feels fresh, energetic, relevant — a testament to Sarah's talents as someone with both creative and practical skills as well as being able to deliver a client's vision.” 

George Northwood